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Dear Friends of the Julian Library Members,

We are hoping to start a non-fiction book club in Julian beginning in September. The books would be on topics like science, history, biography, autobiography, food, true adventure, true crime, nature, etc., etc. The first step is finding interested readers. If four or more people are interested we will find a date agreeable to all when the group can meet at the Library to plan future meetings.

If you are interested in joining a non-fiction book club, please contact me, preferably by e-mail at; or leave your contact information on one of the clipboards located at the Library desk and in the Friends Bookstore.

I have listed below two books that I would like to read. All interested persons should name two books that they would like to read, along with a brief description of the subject matter. Please send your two titles to me 1) by e-mail, 2) on one of the clipboards located at the Library desk and in the Friends Bookstore, or 3) bring them to the first meeting. The books you recommend should be available through the Library – you can check availability online or ask Library staff to check. When the group selects a book, the Library will obtain copies in advance of the club meeting so that no one needs to purchase books.

This will be a Library sponsored activity, with meetings to be held at the Library during normal library hours.

These are my two books: 

Bad Pharma:  How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients, by Ben Goldacre (2013) – The book explains how drugs are developed, regulated and marketed in ways that put all of us at risk, along with ways the system might be improved.

This is Your Brain on Parasites, by Kathleen Mc Auliffe (2016) – The subtitle says it all: “How Tiny Creatures Manipulate Our Behavior and Shape Society”. The book includes lots of new and surprising information.

                                                                        Olive Kerr, Vice President, FOJL Board

Non Fiction Book Club

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